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I read he got knifed a couple of years ago. It features the freedom of speech mascot Tan from Tango church. Hyde Park in London is the oldest Speakers' Corner in the UK where public speaking and debate still takes place. I feel for you because you may very well be one of the good guys, but you need to wake up and recognize what islam has done to humanity. So as long as humans live on earth, these type of people live among us. 22s man linked up. Robert Spencer 1:52. These people, who are standing up to the mohammedans, need *backup*. He would in the end take away his adopted sons wife, so not only is he a murder, and rapist and adulterer but he also has no respect for his son and for the very concept of marriage. With this in mind, I’d like to pay homage to some of the fiercest critics of Islam who risk their physical well-being in order to speak out loud and proud most weekends in the face of Islamic intimidation at Speakers’ Corner in London. Speakers' Corner: TALK IS CHEAP BUT SPEECH IS FREE. In Speakers Corner in Hyde Park. It was spotted. Amy – otherwise known as based_amy. I DO have a fit , gorgeous six year old male Doberman – wish I could participate in the UK !!!! By Paul Williams on December 21, 2019 • ( 0) All they could stammer was that the situation was being elevated and a decision would be forthcoming as to whether religious groups can take over the area or not. He should First denounce Idol worships a degrading to humans worshiping erected image as gods. Earlier this evening I gave short speech on the recent events at Speakers’ Corner. You think the Charlie Hebdo shooters didn’t think, they knew Muhammad killed critics and so they did too. Just a note as a correction: A guy that says anything. This Hindu barbarian is just an idiot, not a critic. I have an additional idea. The Speakers’ Corner will run concurrent to all sessions other than the main plenaries. SHOT UP. Gary Google – An absolute legend. I’ve been following Soco films (Bob the Builder) Youtube channel for a few months now and they are awesome!! You will need it. raw download clone embed report print text 12.43 KB . stop drop roll. TheSundayShout. No Muslim will film me these days – only C.O.E. Copyright © 2020 BBC. 45:48. You will receive immediate notification. Oh wait, I’m guessing this is part of the “skid-mark” jihad? He committed adultery by raping a christian slave girl in the house of one of his many wive’s while she was at the market. Childish stuff, I agree, but mocking religion is a freedom of speech issue. On Saturday 25 September, a small group gathered near the Platt Lane entrance to listen to a dozen speakers talk on issues such as religious education in faith schools, cuts to the arts and selfishness. Highly recommended. If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. bukhari 4:52:220. If you are forwarding to a friend, please remove the unsubscribe buttons first, as they my accidentally click it. You can curb these people only by killing them, but the gentlemen who feel there is no god, cannot kill them, because they feel it as improper. Home › Islam › What’s HAPPENING @ SPEAKERS CORNER!! But they use the cocept of God mentioned in the scriptures to gain personal wealth and earthly enjoyments. India Today. *??? Well I say with all the intolerant verses against people who are not muslims or muslims who wish to leave islam or not live according to islams rules, and all the verses inciting violence one can be sure that the devil influenced him a lot more than he would care to admit. The cops escorted Tan out of the park, in a public display of appeasement. Hugh Fitzgerald You just try faking that you belive in God, and if you are intelligent, you can make lots of easy money by brainwashing many people. muslims can explain WHY allah DISAGREES with those all-important commandments of God… You will receive a daily mailing containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in the last 24 hours. Tan very bravely stands his ground. Raj – A Sikh who was interviewed by Peter of Sweden. How are so many Muslims able to hang out at Speakers Corner? They are ashamed that he would identify as British and adhere to British values. Junaid, please learn about your disgusting prophet and his terrible religion. But surely 20-30 London-based able-bodied UK jihadwatchers could somehow manage to find a way to offer some moral and physical solidarity to these people who are stubbornly refusing to allow the mohammedans to *take* Speakers’ Corner. Daniel Greenfield, Jihad Watch® is a registered trademark of Robert Spencer in the United States and/or other countries - Site Developed and Managed by Free Speech Defense. Since the police refuse to enforce written law what other effective non-violent tool can one use other than derision? Her video went viral. WE KNOW THE EVIL, SATANIC FILTH OF ISLAM FROM YOUR QURAN AND HADITH. These legends demand a shout-out. It is also a traditional place for rallies, protests, and marches to assemble or to end. I guess that this is Muhammads way of retroactively being able to claim he never adopted the boy so his marriage is somehow clean. These people are a prime example for us all, that we should use our voices or lose them. What’s HAPPENING @ SPEAKERS CORNER!! On the eve of the Labour Party conference in Manchester, a small group of people gathered to revive an old tradition of grassroots politics. After all, we’ve had the ‘jihad’ term explained by all-knowing Dhemmis and other islamapologists as nothing more than personal striving (recalling the “what’s your jihad?” campaign a while back.) Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal was charged Friday with fraud and breach of trust over millions of dollars in loans the RCMP allege he used his political position to obtain and hid from the ethics commissioner. The infidels *have* to organise. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. But then allah the immoral god gives Muhammad a revelation that he Allah has not forbidden him this, in essence Muhammad do whatever you want. Taqiyya special.. O MAD MUSLIM…Ramadan is coming up.. Went to speakers corner often. ?Civilization has #necrotizingcensoritis. By Paul Williams on December 21, 2019 • ( 0) A clarification concerning my views of Mansur at Speakers’ Corner. And I just remembered it’s not the only time Muhammad saw devilish things. Speakers' Corner: THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH. {provide a formal list from Exodus 20:1-17}. You are right the trouble is with England the social media internet works are being watch for “hate speech” it would be hard to organize using the net without the members being punished by fines, job loss, jail, and general horseshit by the police and other government “enforcement agencies “. sadam hussin. All good stuff challenging Islam as a belief system. This happens because they can easily deceive uneducated or improperly educated people. One time she was also educating Muslims on their toilet habits and she was immediately surrounded by at least 50 of them who all began to chant, “Amy has skid-marks. It’s akin to red Indians circling a cowboy wagon. Aileen Lewis, Actress: The Ugly Duckling. What drew him to Speakers’ Corner was the variety of speakers and topics, and that he liked that the debate and dialogue and conversations were unfettered. Speakers' Corner in London is well known as the home of free speech, where anyone can get on their soapbox and make their voice heard. After Tommy Robinson debated Ali Dawah, Gary tormented Ali in the park about Ali’s stance on sex with children. Nicknamed the Duchess because of her regal bearing, Lewis first began appearing in uncredited minor roles in films in the late 1940's and soon started working profusely from the early 1950's onward. It would send a message. Among the speakers was the Labour MP for Gorton, Gerald Kaufman, who broke off from conference duty to address the Platt Fields crowd on Israel and Palestine. Raj Chaudhuri is on Facebook. These extreme Sikhs told him that even after seven generations of Sikhs being born into the UK, Sikhs will never be British. pussyclart. His main concerns are that Islam is taking over the UK and that sharia is slowly creeping its way into our legal system in the shape of blasphemy laws and Muslims being above the law. She is a little old lady with a walking stick. Leave as soon as you can. Read more. Thank you for your shout out to Dr. Jay Smith (Pfander Ministries) and Hatun Tash and Lizzie Schofield (DCCI Ministries). There have been tons of court cases in the UK where a Muslim gets off with rape, or some other heinous misdeed, because he apparently didn’t understand that it’s not okay to rape a 12 year-old girl in England. Please, Google Images on this blog are copyright to their respective owners. He goes to mock Islamic ideals, and the Muslims in the park are often too stupid to understand his intelligent wit. Paul Williams, Steve, Raj, Reactionary, Nadaverse, Mohammed Q. It had no prophet – no follower of God would marry a six-year old and have sex with her at age nine, or marry a women the night that he killed her husband and all her other menfolk, or claim that he “was made victorious through terror”, or supervise/participate in hundreds of murders in a single day. But the similarity ends there. We can no longer ignore this. He is almost like a troll. Enter your email address to subscribe. According to local people, the Arab Israeli War in 1967 was the last time that large crowds gathered in Platt Fields. Oh wait, that is probably illegal as well. Islam is straight from the pit of hell. Then I heard this guy talking about 'all these foreigners coming over' and I thought: I'm going to say something.". Raj has repeatedly stated his love for the UK and its values, but even still he is an outsider in parts of his community. 2 Explain..muhammed’s admission to fakery.. “I have fabricated things AGAINST GOD and have imputed to him words he has not spoken” She was educating the police and they couldn’t respond to her as to what the law actually states. It was filmed by Inspired Champion on Youtube. It has 110k views now! she’s waving bacon sandwiches in their face. The courage it takes for them to speak out on all of our behalf is immense. Just to be there, to show a support, a spare video phone cam, just adding a security point of view, for those intrepid brave speakers. Note: This may be up to 15 emails a day. Deep down it’s nothing to do with apparently dangerous food; Amy and the others aren’t trying to chase muslims out of parks. The problem we have in uk/ Europe is that most of the teachers in our ‘education/ brainwashing system are lefties ( brain dead) morons brainwashing our young minds, education used to be about encouraging young people to have their own minds, sorry to say this but we are heading for civil war, read back in history when the stone castles were being built, mosques are springing up everywhere. She confronted the police and educated them in relation to London park laws, which clearly state that praying on the grounds or monopolizing them for religious reasons is illegal. Take a AK-47 or a sword or a knife, strap a bomb, and go to Syria…or at the least go to ur illegal roadside beef / shoe shop and do the things that U are capable to do. when and how Jésus became Godman and begotten son of God ? See official UK stats.on who works and who parasites. 50 of Muslims in UK are parasites on our pensions and taxpayers. In any case the man was mentally insane. I’m on my 4th FaceBook Ban, of 30 Days for each ban, since Christmas, 120 Days. i googled muhamads sexual perversions, like you said. What part of “thou shalt not commit adultery” does allah not understand when he permits it in koran 33:50/koran 4 :24? If I was British that’s what I’d be doing. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Childish stuff, I agree, but mocking religion is a freedom of speech issue. Also the work Hatun Tash has done on the Qur’an and the organisation DCCI Ministries which she co-leads with Lizzie. They ought to be walking in front of the men who are praying. It is Islam that is the threat to us all–not “religions”. He tells them to f*ck Islam. Agree! On this occasion, NICHOLAS remembers a past Orator, NOUREDDI, who was murdered along with his father …because of his critical utterance at Speakers’ Corner.HUE bookends the video, and whereas both Speakers touch on a number of subjects, as usual, they talk more this time around the subject of Speakers’ Corner… The Bible emphasises OBEDIENCE to God’s laws{10+2} Paul Williams, Steve, Raj, Reactionary, Nadaverse, Mohammed Q. What’s HAPPENING @ SPEAKERS CORNER!! Our mailing address is: David Horowitz Freedom Center, P.O. Whether anyone will listen is of course another matter. Whatever it was, I’m guessing Amy took the attempts to intimidate her out of the park with more guts and maturity than was shown by the gang of followers who surrounded and berated her with their “Porky’s” humour insults. Muhammad was shamed by all his wive’s for what he had done, in shame he apologized and vowed not to do it again. 30:46. Muhammad was a mentally insane man who tried to commit suicide, he told his relatives he was seeing demons, they who did not see what was in his damaged mind told him he was seeing angels. The left neglect to note that Muslims were dealing in the African slave trade long before the white man came along. Hint: get body armor. Speakers Corner once was a place where budding personalities honed their abilities to put their views across whilst also being challenged by other academics or the wider public. HELLO LEBEL — You write that “mocking religion is a freedom of speech issue.”. One day Muhammad goes to his sons house but he’s not home and whilst there he sees hi’s wife naked, Muhammad desired her! Our disagreement with the terrorism of Muhammadanism, Social Justice Warriors, Pedophiles, MS-13, AntiFA, gun control and their apologists…..the regressive repressive oppressive reactionary strident Democratic Party. He killed many people. If a man kills somebody whilst shouting allah akbar, if he claims that that person broke islamic rules, then what, you expect us to ignore this. Thank you for this and all that you do to expose this cancer. Islam is perfect but I m not I also witnessed a scene where Tan went over to Muslims who were illegally praying on the grass while he stood silently among them. Those individuals standing up these tactics are labelled as mentally unstable, eccentric, Islamaphobic, or racist simply because they speak out. Grateful for his Ministry. If they *are*… then people wishing to challenge the Mohammedans should bring dogs, big black ones. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features!. Islam will never make you a better person. I do not know whether I will ever get to the UK, as a tourist, but this has given me one very good reason for Speaker’s Corner to put on my “bucket list”. Sex with slaves is rape as they are captives! "I'd just come down to the park to lie down and chill out. It is intimidation tactics, and it ensures that there will be no escape for anyone who crosses the line. I don’t know how you could do it. al tabari 6:111. In the UK today, the police don’t arrest the violent mob; instead, they send the peaceful protesters out of the area. Speakers' Corner died out in 1967 as people turned to their televisions for news and discussion. Steve stood next to them as they were ululating and he started singing, “Oompah, loompah, stick it up your joompah.” And he somehow lived to tell the tale. The charges […] Tan – A young Chinese man born in Malaysia who spent some time in the UK on a visa. @Junail we woul dgladly blame the individual except that muslisms often consider islam to be very important, so important that it is the basis for their way of thinking, world view, and their guide as how to behave in certain situations. By Paul Williams on December 17, 2019 • ( 16) i know u very scared like raj said. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964. somebody stop me. It is a stupidity to the core. Our unique community gathers in Hyde Park every Sunday from about midday till long after dark. Is Jay Smith still at Speaker’s Corner? COVID-19 Update: All our speakers offer dynamic, informative virtual presentations via various webinar software, video conferencing and satellite platforms. Speakers’ Corner – Islam’s Fiercest Critics It’s about standing against a group obnoxious enough to want an historically all-welcome public speaking space to themselves. The mocking mohammedans have skid-fingers (look it up in the sharia manual). Your false prophet Muhammad was a intolerant and violent man that is why islam persecutes christians, jews, hindus etc. Then read from a list detailing stupid statements by so called political leaders like May detailing how said immigrants have enriched the UK. Ibrahim itace muhammed has already said that any critics of Islam should be murdered. Read more. They will go down in history as being integral players in the battle for Speakers’ Corner, a microcosm or metaphor for the rest of the UK. Jedi Vs Raj, Danny In The Cut | Live Speakers Corner - YouTube Enter your email address to subscribe. I’m not holding it against him but it is a relevant fact. . Muhammad was a very bad man, he was mentally insane, he even tried to commit suicide, he would publicly disrespect the religions and ancestors of other people, he was warned and continued and that’s when people acted against him. And of course, the Muslims recorded Tan being escorted out of the park by the police, and they played the footage on their worldwide Dawah channels, suggesting that Tan was a hate preacher and that the police are on the side of the Muslims who are always in the right. * https://nypost.com/2016/02/23/twitter-targets-trolls-but-winds-up-silencing-conservatives/, Lebel seldom says anything critical about the horrors of Jihad–but he is incensed over bacon sandwiches…. He was very brave.. His videos are on the tube.. Raj & Paul On New Zealand | Speakers Corner By bloggingtheologycom on March 17, 2019 • ( 5 ) A few hours ago Raj and I had a discussion about the atrocity in Christchurch and the role Tommy Robinson and his followers play in fomenting hatred against Muslims. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). no manners no class. It is now impossible to tell the truth about Muslims and Islam. Man in a Union Jack suit with Free Speech advocate Raj and a videographer, Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, London. ALL MUSLIMS CALL MUHAMMAD, PERFECT!!! Before the late sixties, Speakers' Corner was a special place in the lives of Mancunians in the days before 24-hour news and mass media. On May 3, 2015, two Muslims drove from Arizona to Texas for an attempt at killing Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer because they organized and attended a “Draw Muhammad” contest. Jay Boo, your mithraist christianity is the same studity like Idol worships. Lived a block or so away in Lancaster Gate. One of Steve’s best moments came during a call to prayer in the park by the Muslims. He goes along to the park to heckle and debate with Muslims. It is intimidation tactics, and it ensures that there will be no escape for anyone who crosses the line. Muhammad said he had to remove some verses from islam because the devil tricked him into adding them. Christine Douglass-Williams London was fantastic in the 60’s.Sad to see it come to this. Agree with article. So muhammed admits to making up things AGAINST GOD;that would be the commandment-of-God violating “holy” koran, a book that claims to be from God but cannot be from God for the following reasons.. Where are all the women who have black dogs. After 20 years of not drawing in Colour Pencils and using B&W graphite and charcoal since i started drawing again in 2013 after 12 years, I have decided to start drawing in Colour pencil as well. Oftentimes these men and women are unaccompanied and alone. Compare ANY Biblical commandment of God regarding Murder,Stealing,Adultery,lying etc with Islamic teaching;islam/muhammed and allah…..don’t agree with them. He committed mass murder and even genocide. Yes they do need a shout out along with prayers and support. My own suggestions would be that the left are using Islam as a political weapon purely because they think all Muslims are brown, and also because they view Islam as being compatible with their own Marxist ideals. All religions are fake. Followers of this vicious man have been responsible for industrial-grade misery all over the world. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. and still he is going outside and having sex with other women. Huge crowds gathered in Platt Fields to listen to poets, philosophers, activists and ranters share their views on politics, religion, women's suffrage, vegetarianism and even the evils of television. Speakers' Corner back on the box in Manchester park, In its heyday, Speakers' Corner in Platt Fields drew hundreds of people, Anyone who wished to speak could book a slot of 15 minutes. Had they been from God, they would have mentioned at least one scientific term like strucure of atom, molecule, electron, proton, neutron, positon, alpha, beta, Gama,x rays, wavelength, blackhole, white dwarf, red star, agglutinozen, agglutinin, lakhs of scientific discoveries. Amy has skid-marks.” Little to zero respect was shown to an aging woman.”. Kudos to the brave people who speak out against this evil! As for mo being a man of peace and islam,a tolerant creed? 18+ Channel Speakers Corner Hyde Park London Is A Place Where Views, Ideas & Opinions Are Expressed Freely!Sometimes Extremely Controversial!This Channel … Anyone saying this, is evil. Yet he is calling others “barbarians”…. Muhammad was a Mass Murderer, a Paedophile, a Sex Slave Maker, Owner, Trader, and User of Sex Slaves. It is good news, and in a quiet way, others can support those speakers, just by being there ! While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Steve – has been going there for almost 2 decades. ‘Speaker’s Corner is the bastion of free speech and this is my calling from God. Actually some of the believers know that God mentioned in the scriptures is fake. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Unlike Hyde Park and Jantar Mantar, popularly dubbed as Speakers’ Corner, the triangular park near Raj Bhavan is a snarl zone, thanks to the agitations that keep taking place. Then follow up with a list of actions or rather inactions by the courts and law enforcement that have left the average Brit defenseless and restricted from real and effective self defense. Raj Speakers Corner Speakers Corner started this petition to child protection services A prominent Youtuber by the name of 'Ali Dawah' has expressed views about children as young as 9 being adults and so can have sexual relations with people who are much older them. Zero respect? Muhammad raped many innocent women. For over half a century, thinkers in Manchester took to their soapbox to air their views in Platt Fields Park. This wife comes home and sees what he did and is angry because Muhammad has s many wive’s(more than 10 or so?) They knew their prophet was a rapist and they raped too. It has been feature by tommy Robinson, Speakers corner and other youtubers have used it. Not so much as to see, but to support those speakers, that seek and practice “free speech”. Muslims (and Sikhs who reject British values) should all be deported forthwith back to their own countries. These things happen. Civilization is dying because we dare not state our disagreement. We represent the World's Greatest Keynote Speakers. It contains{note if you are Christian} an epic theological misunderstanding regarding the Triune God(it is NOT a polytheistic system,and allah does not know what the “Holy Spirit”is.Just think about the idiocy of that;allah doesn’t know the source of scripture and prophecy.That’s WHY everything in the koran is warped and in error}see koran 4 v 171:Note too if you are Christian YET AGAIN, two of the Corner’s most seasoned Orators share a platform. one jewish Rabbi described these stupid doctrines to be accepted to beasts only, not for humans with rationality. Menace Speakers Corner. She is also famous for waving bacon sandwiches in Muslims faces at Speakers’ Corner. wait until my niggaz get down here. Rajasthan Speaker CP Joshi knocks SC doors, says his rights infringed; Ram Mandir's design unveiled; more. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And they could arrange with their *friends* to come too, and bring *their* dogs. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Last week, members of Jharkhand State NRHM Contractual Employees’ Union were staging a dharna. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. You will need it. The Funniest quran verse (Crazy quran verse 2). Most of the believers know all these things. He hounded Ali and would not leave him alone. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Ali was reduced to looking like a lost puppy and desperately clinging to his phone in order to look up verses of the Quran in a bid to spend his time “constructively.” And no matter what part of the park he tried to escape to, Gary Google was right behind him with his gold microphone to mock him and demand that he defend having sex with 6 year-old girls. Does that mean they’re all unemployed? Doesn’t God know one among theseveral items and it’s properties or details. “Hint: get body armor. Gary looks like an aging rapper, gold microphone, sunglasses and all. He also notes that the political left are aligning themselves with Islam for whatever reasons they have. Only the Muslims have done violence to him, and only the Muslims cause him to look over his shoulder as he exits the park and heads for home. Before the late sixties, Speakers' Corner was a special place in the lives of Mancunians in the days before 24-hour news and mass media. Thank you, Patrick Hutton, for your work with Bob the Builder (Soco Films). ”. But, for one day, the practice made its return as part of the park's centenary celebrations. That is a great thought. It curses the Jews and Christians{koran 9:30}The Jews are called “apes,to be despised and hated”[Some JEWS:Moses,Elijah,JESUS CHRIST etc ..ALL Jews..and allah hates them!The Jews are hated because …they are Jews,the Christians because they are…Christians.So allah HATES Jews AND Christians.Ridiculous! There is a video of him confronted and surrounded by a gang of Muslims at Speakers’ Corner. Robert Spencer in FrontPageMag Yes, Jews, women and black dogs will annul the prayers of the Muslims. Today, with 80% of the Corner being dominated by aggressive Muslims, Steve continues to attend, because although the speech and ideas on offer have become more restricted, he feels it is imperative to continue to shout out against censorship and in spite of the threat of violence by Muslims in the park. TheSundayShout. Two Muslims took hold of him and dragged him away from what they considered to be their space. “BTW_I used live in Lancaster Gate.”. Robert Spencer in PJ Media, Articles at Jihad Watch by Notwithstanding their personal demeaners, the cause of freedom and the fight against radical Islam needs such stalwart soldiers, and we should all take an example from such people. If I make mistake blame me not my religion….. islam is the mistake. Speakers' Corner was brought back as part of the Platt Fields' centenary celebrations. Muslims approached him and started touching him and stroking his chin (which is considered to be physical assault in the UK), but Tan wouldn’t rise to their provocation. I don’t know what he saw but for it to scare him so much that he said it’s demons it must have been really bad stuff, how do you mistake angels for demons? "There's a great tradition of free speech in this city which goes back 100 years and it's wonderful to see so many people engaged in debate.". to this day. Yuck! High time counterjihadders put some action into the script.All talk is no good as a testosterone booster. Don’t forget the work that Jay Smith did at Speakers Corner with HPCF/Pfander Ministries. I m Muslim Is Junaid malik fretting that he is falling short by not raping and murdering enough Infidels? How come you haven’t mentioned Jay Smith? They have to be stopped. Bob the Builder – is a Christian who challenges the Muslims at an intellectual and literary and scriptural level. Well researched facts presented about the quran and muhammed. The park has been graced by esteemed individuals like George Orwell. allah is also OK with muslims Stealing from infidels koran 48:20/Ibn ishaq 764…and let’s not forget,allah has no problem with muslims bearing FALSE WITNESS via taqqiya,tawriya,kitman,muruna In a way, Speakers Corner is as significant as the Temple Mount, or any other socially, religiously, or politically *key* location that Muslims are attempting to seize, and strip of its original meaning, and then.. control. Impressive courageouos man. The RCMP further allege that Grewal used his taxpayer-funded constituency office budget for his own personal benefit. Anne Tucker, secretary of the Friends of Platt Fields, said she was delighted by the turnout which saw 'someone get up to say something' all afternoon. Paul Williams, Steve, Raj, Reactionary, Nadaverse, Mohammed Q. The koran proves it. Muhammad the immoral prophet with his immoral allah, a truly detestable man not worth of adoration or respect and it gets even worse Muhammad had a adopted son. +1 Debating with civility or intellectual pursuits are beyond Ur ken… And make sure to trim that goat beard and make it more human like. Are dogs (well-trained ones, on leads) permitted in that park? He came all the way from Chicago to debate the mad animal Muslims of Hyde….. It’s akin to red Indians circling a cowboy wagon. It won’t end peacefully- so get ready……. Content copyright Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. https://nypost.com/2016/02/23/twitter-targets-trolls-but-winds-up-silencing-conservatives/, The Fantasy Islam of Rice University’s Craig Considine (Part 1), Rep. Rashida Tlaib retweets genocidal slogan ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’, House Dems drafting ‘immigration reform’ plan for Biden that will likely inundate US with migrants, The Victims of the Jihad Suicide Attacks on Civilians That Biden Appointee Justified, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps top dog Muslim Shahdan killed by drone at Iraqi-Syrian border. The bottom line is – Brits need to get the finger out of their ass and start fighting and not only with words but with law suits against the government, the police and if necessary answer to violence with more meaningful responses – that’s the only thing the evil cult understands…. Speakers’ Corner is located in the North East corner of Hyde Park near Marble Arch tube station. is the camera rolling. It contradicts the actual Word of God{muslims don’t understand that}, It preaches hatred and violence{remember those 2 chief commandments are missing!.. For anyone passing by, the return of Speakers' Corner to Manchester could have gone relatively unnoticed. ……………….. But there, right beside them. Well, maybe I’d be actually speaking as I know, probably more than most Muslims, a fair bit about Islam. 22s i give him 2 slaps. “A young Chinese man born in Malaysia who spend some time in the UK on a visa.” probably should be spent instead of spend. I wonder what would happen if a few people started reading off of a list detailing the crimes committed against Brits by the immigrants that belong to the faith that we dare not name. Yet neither seems to matter to the authorities’. oh do fuck off. 2.Why are the 2 chief commandments of God{found in Judaism,in Christianity}COMPLETELY missing in islam?? Jamie Glazov Islam can’t be perfect. I have witnessed him getting some harsh criticism from some hardcore fellow Sikhs. Whether this noble tradition will be revived in Manchester is unclear although those who gathered for its first return in 40 years were clearly in favour of a monthly event. Both Tan and Raj have never physically harmed a muslim. Properly leashed and all that. This is easy living technique, without doing hardwork. And muslims are not allowed to adopt because Muhammad would invent a revelation from allah that basically forbids it. that allah denies Christ k4:157{“They slew him not nor crucified him”;allah provides no evidence to support his false assertion. He is an atheist and has debated with Christians and every other denomination in the park. Prolific and ubiquitous British bit player Aileen Lewis was born Aileen Mary Halsey on April 9, 1914 in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Raj joined Osborne Clarke in June 2011, having previously been a partner with Norton Rose LLP for ten years, since 2001. Join Facebook to connect with Raj Chaudhuri and others you may know. “I have been made victorious through terror” The Left are RIDING THE TIGER … they cannot DISMOUNT. Please Google Andrew Harrod SO, A QUESTION — WERE THOSE TWO MUSLIMS JUSTIFIED IN THAT EFFORT TO KILL PAM, ROBERT, and probably all those present in the room ? Thank you for signing up! He raped women. When speaking out against Islam at Speakers’ Corner, one immediately finds oneself surrounded by Muslims in a circle formation. If all you have to do is notice the one spelling mistake in the whole article, you’re bringing nothing to the debate. When speaking out against Islam at Speakers’ Corner, one immediately finds oneself surrounded by Muslims in a circle formation. I’ve watched Steve on YouTube. He murdered an elderly man who gossiped about him. Inspired by London’s Hyde Park bastion of free speech, the Women Deliver Speakers’ Corner Stage is an opportunity for your organization to make announcements of new research, publications, and initiatives. ?No muslim can explain that. If there is an image appearing on this blog that belongs to you and you do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed. “She is also famous for waving bacon sandwiches in Muslims faces at Speakers’ Corner. will give me a platform (which I had to share with Raj … Sherif speak in arabic and there are English sub-title in u-tube video, Both are ex-muslim athiests .Very knowledgable . You think the 2015/16 new years rapists in cologne who were muslim men from the Maghreb didn’t think. Kissa Cowan, 40, from Trafford Bar was one of the last people to speak: his chosen subject, diversity and his love for Jesus. Looks like we have lost our freedom of speech. He trained at Slaughter and May, where he qualified in 1992, and left them in 1996 for Ashurst, before joining Norton Rose. akhi. Oh boo-hoo bacon sandwiches! Could be. }, It dismisses the 2nd chief commandment{“take not the Jews and Christians for friends” k5V51}. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The intimidation tactics of group praying and group encircling are obviously pre planned as part of the general strategy of Islam to destroy free speech and personal freedoms. He is known in the park as Tommy RobinSINGH. Facts you don’t know about the Quran Sherif Gaber And the only way they can be stopped, is by a display of superior numbers and resolute solidarity on the part of the free people. Check the regs. Amy has skid-marks.” Little to zero respect was shown to an aging woman. Do search on YouTube for the following three sites Soco Films, DCCI Ministries, and PfanderFilms. Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts. What about that Black American Christian Preacher (I forget his name) .. {It seems allah missed the 9th commandment…..and in fact…ALL of them didn’t he?}. arabi. Such were the left wing views of many speakers that it earned the nickname 'Kremlin Corner.'. Maybe if they ate bacon they’d begin to behave better. The koran allows muslims to be DISOBEDIENT to God’s laws{…and of course,inevitably..the 2 chief laws are missing in islam…}, Perhaps the koran should be retitled “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. No country or culture is without historic blood on its hands, but the left love to use colonialism and Empire as tools with which to erode English people’s self-confidence. Strange bedfellows indeed in the cause of freedom, but nevertheless, brave people who are prepared to stand up and be counted when it matters. If we lose Speakers’ Corner to Muslims, it’s an indicator that the rest of the country will follow suit. I attended seminar he held in Melbourne Australia. The Leftards are using Islam as a BATTERING RAM to destroy Western, Christian civilization. Hi I’m on the same team as Bob the Builder (Soco Films). This is video that went viral on youtube by Inspired Champion. The setting was simple: a plastic bread crate (instead of a soap box); a chalk board for speakers to book a 15-minute slot; and a gentle reminder that inciting religious or racial hatred is against the law. They neglect to note this because it doesn’t fit in with their narrative of the white man as being the bad man. So why are U wasting time in a Khufar website???? 1.Ask what part of Thou shalt NOT KILL,in the 6th one,does allah/muslims just not get? It is the oldest living free speech platform in the world. Oh the poor murderous Mohammedans! One time she was also educating Muslims on their toilet habits and she was immediately surrounded by at least 50 of them who all began to chant, “Amy has skid-marks.

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