nucore rigid core luxury vinyl flooring

They also have a user-friendly website with a chat feature that allows representatives to answer questions immediately. Soft to walk on with the cork backing, and spills wipe right up, even stains! We also have strange smell (musty) coming from floors no matter how often they are cleaned. I wonder if possibly the product used to have a higher quality??? Other features include a waterproof vinyl core, attached cork underlayment for softness and sound control and low-VOC GreenGuard certification. I’ve been debating the standard moisture barrier or Sentinel Protect Plus Underlayment. They offer a similar flooring selection to NuCore, including designs that are more deeply embossed than standard wood-look flooring to ensure they resemble natural grains such as oak, hickory, and pine. Because it is waterproof, it is also suitable for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Very disappointed. The cork layer acts as padding and helps reduce noise from pet nails and second-floor stampedes. Floor and Decor should be embarrassed to sell this crap. Close up and Texture Review!! Will update here when done. Edwards Oak 6 in. If you’re hiring out the installation, then you need to stay on top of the person doing it to make sure this happens. Would not recommend. It buckled under the heat and they now deny my warranty because the manufacturer said the room temperature should not have exceeded 80 degrees. No thank you! One of the benefits of NuCore Vinyl Planks is that there are over 100 different SKUs to choose from. Love it. I agree! Make sure you get written clarification from the manufacturer before you install the flooring. A few side notes for anyone interested We did put cushion castors under furniture- they appear to have worked. It’s pennies a foot and very cheep insurance to protect you floor and home from unwanted mold. My floor is being installed this week and I need them quick, but don’t know what to get. But then again the Driftwood Oak Plank pattern and texture maybe hiding those flaws better than other types. Thanks! (sweep often) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Our website is supported by advertising. It does appear to have some static charge which makes it pick up dust quickly. I tapped every piece in 3 different spots. There are more details on the flooring and how we installed it in this post. I have another spot that isn’t perfectly level and this causes the plank edge to pop up a little (perhaps a millimeter). Have only ever used water on it, no soap. Get flooring with unparalleled durability from NuCore¨ Performance, waterproof rigid-core flooring. NuCore has one of the best scratch-resistant ratings for this type of flooring. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to luxury vinyl plank flooring, NuCore is an affordable brand that provides a genuine hardwood floor finish upon installation. The installation was performed in January of this year 2019. It works beautifully. Can’t get Floor & Décor to do anything……Does anyone have NuCore Corporate information / contact info?…….Thank you. I mainly used a wet tile saw (not nearly as powerful as a circular saw/miter saw) to make some long cuts. I already bought 1120 sqft of it, but have yet to lay it out. NuCore is a better choice for these homes as many of its product lines feature a 22 mils wear layer. They have always turned out great, but this flooring is the pits. Some of the planks break on the sides when I take them out of the box. If you browse the internet for images of NuCore, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a hardwood floor line. (You could see it as they laid it if it was not done correctly)…They pulled and redid:) When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring, you don’t have to sacrifice strength for style. It was a complete waste of time and money. The wear layer is listed under specs. . With the extra reinforcement of Techtanium Plus, NuCore Performance Floors … I’ve had no issue with furniture dents and we have a family with 3 small kids. DO NOT PURCHASE. Nancy. Exclusive to Floor & Decor, NuCore® is 100% waterproof flooring. When she's not writing on her favorite home improvement topics, you can find her immersed in her own home projects. I greatly recommend placing a moisturize barrier down first. Special order for the reducers, quarter round, t molds and so on. At this point, I don’t know what my next steps will be. Thank you so much!! The look and feel of the flooring seemed on par with the higher end brands I’d seen at half the price. All the boads are splitting , it creaks and you can feel the unevenness in them. Does NuCore Flooring Scratch And Dent Easily? Apparently, it’s become a very popular option in flooring. I made sure the subfloor was properly screwed and nailed down on my hands and knees and level. You folks saved me the pain of this flooring! I would venture to say we have the same style flooring. (Yes, we seal our grout:). SmartCore’s vinyl plank and tile flooring share NuCore’s easy tongue-in-groove installation system, but installation is made even easier by its patent-pending rigid constructions, which means it can smoothly overlay any imperfections in the subfloor. Thanks! Both brands are a little unclear on the specifics of their warranty, so clarify this with your retailer before purchasing. Can NuCore LVP be installed on treads and risers? Was not told by anyone that there was a temperature range that this floor needed to stay within or it would not be covered by warranty. MUST WATCH!!! I replaced about 900 square of this flooring in my condo myself. If the product requires acclimation be creative. People leave with dirty socks. It is also comfortable to walk on thanks to its cork underlayment, which also helps muffle any sounds. The other half of the room i did prepare probably is a million times better and even in the kitchen ive had a few pretty big water leaks and the boards are still fine. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! It is waterproof vinyl flooring 2.0. The average plank sizes are between 6”-7” wide and 48” inches long. It simply is not reality-based. However, if your room gets sustained direct sunlight (as in a sunroom) it is recommended to glue the planks down to the subfloor with a cork adhesive. But despite promises from the company in terms of their wear layers and their warranty, some customers have found that the floor is not as durable as it appears, and the warranty contains many exceptions, suggesting it might be difficult to make a claim. (May be cause the cat is always laying here:) I’m so upset right now and hoping that I get it resolved with F&D. The tongues and grooves are pretty delicate, nowhere near the rigidity of the hardwood/bamboo/laminate counterparts. I used a wood circular saw blade on a wet tile saw (not nearly as powerful as a circular saw/miter saw) to make some very long cuts, even a tile saw cuts it like butter. 2). Phase 2 with the other 2 rooms will start next month, difference is they have concrete sub-floors. If it is mft fault they will pay, but I can guarantee they will blame installers. Sharon Merritt. Among other things, this means there is no need to remove other flooring before laying SmartCore on top. Can be found on Amazon or at Home Depot. Be advised, smaller items are not always in stock and may take longer to become available. At, our expert team of flooring researches & writers work to provide thorough & editorially independent content for whatever your flooring need may be. It also has scratched easily. Regards, Learn about the high-end, luxury vinyl styles you can find at a gre… +14 MORE; Introducing NuCore® Performance. And lastly, the sections under our sliding glass doors keep popping up from the sun and heat, so I have to keep it covered in heavy carpets! We installed over concrete and have had no problems. I believe the connections are basically made of cardboard and are likely to fail. The bottom has a layer of cork backing, which adds cushioning while keeping mildew at bay. I get a phone call from the manufacturer which is based out of FL and the woman on the phone is absolutely rude and not understanding whatsoever. The color is stunning–the divets, not so much! We live in Illinois, so it gets very cold in the winter. x 36 in. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products. (We do clean up water spills regularly). But if the surface you are intending to lay your floor on has imperfections, then COREtec is your best option, as it’s underlayer helps hide and protect against subfloor imperfections. They even look like beautiful wood planks when you take them out of the box! The NuCore we are looking at for our house is 6.5mm thick and 22 MIL wear layer, 100% waterproof. i understand there are 2 NuCore product lines? Any other issues, or what point are you at? I spent thousands of dollars on a floor for my basement. The floor should be swept or vacuumed daily using soft bristle attachment. NuCore is just one of the several vinyl plank flooring options taking the market by storm. This premium choice in flooring comes reinforced with Techtanium Plus, which provides an extreme level of protection against scratches. It was not cheap either. Don’t understand why we had to order the transition pieces. 1). Spend the money and buy a better quality laminate than this, you will thank me later. Just make sure you have a perfectly flat and clean surface. It all seems very sketchy to me. As I finished 2 additional rooms for phase 2, I’m back to share my experiences on the 6.5mm Dune Rigid Core SKU 100494475 from Floor & Decor. If you sat in the dining room chair indentations were left on my floor. LifeProof, previously known as Allure, offers a similar range of LPV flooring that is designed to look and feel like authentic wood flooring. NovoCore® Premium is designed to solve and even outperform them, thanks to its extra stable rigid core and a multitude of amazing designs. I’ve had it for almost 3 months and love it. And I use ceiling fans. I filed a claim and Floor and Decor sent a company to ‘inspect my floors’. So I took my house key and rubbed it multiple times with pressure against the surface of the product to test its scratch resistance. High temp equals high humidity. Even the packaging says this. Looks to me the planks are warped. While NuCore has additional anti-microbial protection against mold, skipping this additional layer on concrete may still result in related issues. NuCore is vinyl, not laminate. I intend to put down a test area in our home to see how true the claim is, as well as for pet urine damage, since that is our primary reason for changing from carpet to WPC. We installed NuCore in our home under the guise that it was very durable. Otherwise, great product for dogs and kids, ours looks like French Oak. That was your problem, not the flooring. Overall, this is a nice affordable option for areas where it is unlikely to need to deal with heavy items of furniture that might cause scuffs and scratches and where it isn’t going to be subject to heavy-duty dirt. Exclusive to Floor & Decor, 6.5mm NuCore Performance Whistling Hills Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank - Cork Back looks and feels just like real wood, with the added benefit of being waterproof and highly durable. Thanks! It also has a cork backing which was supposed to give better noise resistance than traditional vinyl planks or wood laminates. How is your flooring holding up, and how does it look? Here’s our NuCore flooring review in full. However, this is WAY too much texture. They spilt at the seams, never look clean, and my all time number one reason… THEY SCRATCH AND DENT! You May Be Wrong! We hate their tile selection at the design center, so we are curious how this installs over concrete? SPC planks are usually thinner, although you’ll find a large selection of thick planks from premium brands. How did the company respond to the issues? About Us | Advertise | Contact Us | Website Terms of Use, NuCore Flooring | 2020 Waterproof Vinyl Plank Review. You can never have too many pics. 22 mil wear layer. It seems the most widely reported negative experiences is that NuCore does get scratched – consumers need to remember that a claim to be scratch resistant does not mean that a product is completely scratch proof. I think Elliot’s review on his self-install project was the most valuable here. There is a product called Quick Shine. It is high-quality vinyl flooring, aka luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). What’s wrong with product? Here is a selection of comparable brands for price comparison: Floor & Decor do not currently offer customers the option to review their products; however there are consumer reports on their social media pages, many of which point to very mixed experiences with NuCore. Also purchased Nucor flooring at Floor and Decor in Arizona and the flooring buckled the first summer when there was no air conditioning. The high quality of this flooring does mean you need to pay a little more, but it is still highly affordable and you are paying for quality and innovation. The store also carries a line of coordinating moldings to go along with your NuCore planks. For best results it is important to keep your room at a constant ambient temperature of between 60° – 80°F, before, during and after installation. Sometimes we have to keep our thermostat up some. This website is just for consumers looking for information, it is not the manufacturer. It can get scratches and scuffs, and it has a tendency to get damaged by sunlight, heat, and water. Floor and Decor ignores my complaint and I am now left with replacing an entire floor in my house even though the product is less than a year old. Use either a dry Swiffer to get dust and stuff off the floor or once a week I vacuum. Required fields are marked *. NuCore seems to change their designs more frequently, which means it may be difficult to match your floors if you leave it too long. But I highly recommend to anyone looking to install LVP, to wait until they have perfected it. I never took my pool table off the little individual dollies I had on as it made it easy to move around. RigidKore Luxury Vinyl starts with a rigid, waterproof SPC core and the Uniclic Locking System for simple installation. I’m sorry to anyone that has purchased and installed this product in your home. The easiest floor you will ever install, with incredible long lasting performance and trend-setting designs. The ones i read were mostly neutral or promoted most likely funded by NuCore. As you explore our rigid core options, here are a few things it may be helpful to know. We used the color “Westover Hickory” (No longer available).. is a darker brown with pattern variations in it- (kind of looks like an old barn floor), is 8mm thick. I called floor and decor and talked to the manager who said they he would email me a claim form. We're so confident about its durability that we offer the 15-Year Residential Kore Promise on all RigidKore flooring. We have used laminate in other houses and never had any of these problems. Not at all happy after 2 boxes. The floor is squeaking and the grout lines are popping out all over the place. That the floor will not stain due to pet urine if the floor is cleaned immediately and the urine is not allowed to dry. We plan to install Nucore 6.5mm vinyl with a cork backing onto a concrete floor in our lower level. This is for our bedroom and we are on a concrete slab. LifeProof has a wear layer of 6 mils, which means it shouldn’t pick up any scratches or skid marks under normal use. Appears to be a lack of support information online about care of the floor, in general and post flood, Your email address will not be published. Aside from slight bending, they held up pretty good against rain. Dust mop is worthless, and have to go with vacuum to clean up pet hair from 1 cat, as it catches on the rough surface. Even with a few of those spots, the floor has held up well under high usage. It is scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Their product is also 100 percent waterproof, so unlike NuCore, it can be used in wet rooms. Your email address will not be published. my daughter has the same issue here in GA floor decor said contact the manufacture try the corporate number has been disconnected . We can’t afford not to…. Thanks for the tip! We started putting the floor down in January and just now finishing up (with having to order additional product – no problem with matching or similarities which may cause concern). With the way this review was written , maybe you gave too much attitude-FIRST. When it comes to maintenance and durability, COREtec and NuCore are very much on a par.

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