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We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Wait until Spring (March or later). This is quite different from how you would handle a hibiscus if you were growing it in the ground year long, most likely in hardiness zones 9 to 12. It is tender in Britain and is grown as a pot plant indoors where it may reach 2m (6½ft). It tends to produce several flowers at once and to bloom over a long period. I don’t feed any of my outdoor plants after initial planting & they all do great. Hi! When you leave it outdoors until late in the season, say until the end of September or into October, it will acclimatize to the cooling nights and higher humidity. However, if you live in temperate zones, it is possible to grow hibiscus indoors, although it may not be the easiest task, especially for novices in gardening. A stressed-out hibiscus is a magnet for unwanted insects. Don’t expose the cuttings to full sun as this point or they’ll overheat. The Chinese hibiscus is not an easy-to-grow houseplant. The best time for repotting is late winter (late February or March). In most cases, repotting into a slightly larger pot will only be necessary every 2 to 3 years. Cultivars of Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). This is best done in late February/early March, just before the plant its new growth for the year. During a heatwave, it may therefore be worthwhile to move it at least temporarily to a shadier, cooler location. A Hibiscus bush can be 1′-15′ in height depending on whether it’s growing in a pot or planted outside in the ground. The plant usually reacts by rejecting most of its leaves, which turn yellow and drop off. Answer: Thank you for purchasing some of our wonderful Hardy Hibiscus plants. Alternatively, you can cut Mother back severely, nearly to the ground (again, spring is best) and she’ll grow back much shorter… for a while. Hoping next summer I get this “right”. – and therefore a situation where your hibiscus ought to be able to flower all year, make a habit to cutting back the longest branch or two to about two thirds of its length every 3 months. The roots on the bottom of the trunk look “braided” and the branches are covered with moss. The best location. Prepare the soil to plant perennial hibiscus by adding Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Flowers. You don’t want any insects to come with it! Just to warn you but there beautiful to have and I do not put mine in dormancy. Most varieties offered these days are the result of over 1,000 years of crosses often involving other hibiscus species. I purchased an organic Chinese Hibiscus for my parrots. Most people have no choice other than to grow their hibiscus at room temperatures, but if you have access to a barely-heated room, one that stays about 40˚F (5˚C) all winter, even if it has no lighting, you can force your plant into a sort of semi-dormancy that will at least keep it alive over the winter. Place it in a warm spot, about 75 to 80˚F (24-27ºC), under medium lighting. All the science explained. When you water your hibiscus, water until you see water come out the bottom of the pot into the plant tray, but after 1-2 hours the water in the plant tray should be gone. Spring 2018 I brought it out too quickly & it sunburned, dropped virtually all it’s leaves, took 2 months to regrow & flowered the rest of the summer. Insert the cutting into a pot or tray of moist growing mix. It arrived about dead so I planted the hibiscus in a large pot placed near my hottest window and within a month a few leaves appeared. When the sun begins to intensify in the spring, you may find in necessary to move it back from the window, at least during the hottest hours of the day. Then it will recuperate when you move it to back to brighter conditions and start to water it again. Do note that it’s best to treat the Chinese hibiscus as either an indoor plant that spends the summer outdoors or a summer plant that spends the winter indoors. Plant hibiscus in full sun, in either spring (perennial hibiscus) or late spring/early summer (tropical hibiscus). ( Log Out /  Flowers can measure from 4 to 6 inches (10-15 cm) in diameter, even up to 8 inches (20 cm) for fancy varieties. Hibiscus plants are very showy, with large trumpet-like, lobed or double flowers in a wide range of colours. Your plant will not like this treatment and will lose almost all its leaves, but with this kind of cold treatment plus minimal watering (only water it enough to keep it from dying out completely), you can at least keep it alive until spring. You could try fertilizer, but I don’t think that’s likely to be the problem. I have four perennial hibiscus plants. Don’t let the leaves wilt from lack of water! If you really want to succeed with hibiscus stem cuttings, here’s what to do: There, that wasn’t that difficult, was it? One of our favourite flowering indoor plants, not sure why it is not grown more in bright locations indoors Thus, there is no stress, very little leaf yellowing, and fewer insect infestations. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. An evergreen shrub with abundant flowers, hibiscus is most often planted as a shrub in outdoor landscaping. The Chinese hibiscus is a shrub or small tree with woody stems from 3 to 16 feet (1 to 5 m) tall. These are tropical plants and don't survive exposure to freezing temperatures. Try again. These are outdoor plants, best left in your garden all year. Use a timer to provide 16 hours of light per day. In spring or early summer, cut terminal sections of stem about 3 to 4 inches (7 to 10 cm) in length. Sometimes the only way of propagating one is by grafting it onto a more vigorous common rootstock. Buy the concentrate, then dilute and use any old recycled spray bottle to apply it. Hibiscus plants are members of the Mallow family, and there are many different species that are used in gardening, agriculture, and manufacturing. Hibiscus need a lot of sunshine to do well. 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I have a beautiful hibiscus that I have brought indoors the past 2 winters (Chicago area). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If you prune every spring, you can keep her in check pretty much for ever. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. It’s thus very obvious that pruning will always eliminate some of the flowers to come. The typical common hibiscus sold in garden centers has been treated with a growth retardant (i.e. Buy Plants > Hibiscus Plants: 13 products online at Nurserylive. It’s one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations. There's also some benefit to keeping the hibiscus in a relatively smaller pot, as it will make for easier pruning and moving. 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Fancy hibiscus come in an amazing array of colours and forms! Add character to your home with an elegant orchid in a beautiful indoor plant pot.House plants are easy to grow, long lasting and can add a lovely aroma to your home. Hibiscus plants are hardy outdoor deciduous shrubs that are easy to look after and will delight you with a profusion of flowers each year providing they get plenty of light. Learn how your comment data is processed. Elitely 11 11 100Pcs Double Petals Giant Hibiscus Seeds Colour Bonsai Flower Seeds E Flower Perennial Garden Flower Seeds: Okra Seeds - Hibiscus esculentus - 15 Seeds, Plant World Seeds - Hibiscus Acetosella Seeds, Okra - Clemson - Hibiscus ESCULENTUS L.- 70 Quality Vegetable Seeds /176, Hardy Hibiscus Seeds - Perennial Flowering Shrub - 10 Seeds, 100Pcs/Bag Hibiscus Flower Seeds Giant Hibiscus Seed Bonsai Flower Seeds Outdoor Plant Seeds for Home Garden Easy to Grow, Hibiscus Syriacus Pink Flirt | Flowering Deciduous Shrub | 20-30cm (incl. Hibiscus syriacus Blue Chiffon ('Nowood3') (PBR) (Chiffon Series) £24.99 3 litre pot shipped within 2 weeks 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 1 star 5 5 7 ADD Buy Hibiscus syriacus Blue Chiffon ('Nowood3') (PBR) (Chiffon Series): Large, double, blue flowers We re-potted her (we call it his mother) maybe 5 years ago, and she still is getting new baby leaves on the top branches. You’ll need to prune your hibiscus if you want to keep it compact. Because it often behaves very badly indoors. Hibiscus Often the last plants to produce leaves and flowers but certainly one of the most spectacular, hibiscus plants are both exotic yet easy to grow. Pruning a healthy hibiscus bush will encourage growth and tell the plant to grow more branches, thus producing more flowers. You can read about the rest here: https://laidbackgardener.blog/2017/03/06/rooting-cuttings-step-by-step/ And you’ll need a mini-greenhouse: that’s explained in the text. Curiously, despite its tropical origins, your hibiscus may drop its flower buds when temperatures soar to above 90˚F/32˚C). I get more questions about growing hibiscus as a houseplant than almost any other plant. Tropical hibiscus is native to China but widely grown throughout the tropics and subtropics where it can be tree-like. If you live in … Even when you’ve done everything right, pests can still appear, so keep your eyes open. Position your hibiscus in bright, direct to partial sunlight, such as beside a south-facing window. Instead, wait until March, when the plant’s new growth is well under way and days are lengthening significantly, before rewarding the plant with regular feedings. H4 - Hardy through most of the UK (-10 to -5) H5 - Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters (-15 to -10) H6 - Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe (-20 to -15) H7 - Hardy in the severest European continental climates ( -20) Also, cooler temperatures in winter (down to 60˚F/15˚C) tend to discourage pests as well. During the winter, place it in the sunniest place you have, probably near a south-facing window. If you put your plant into semi-dormancy (more on that later), keep it much drier, watering it just enough so it doesn’t dry up entirely. Photo: Éric Trépanier. My plants are doing way better left indoors year round, blossoming profusely spring/summer and less in the winter. Weed killers, mites and several diseases can cause the symptoms you described. Hibiscus inevitably need to grow near a sunny window. In this article, therefore, I’ll cover only one species, the Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), by far the most popular species offered for indoor use. Most of us have to order fancy varieties by mail. Two are normal while the other two look curled and shriveled. Any houseplant potting soil will be fine. Apply a rooting hormone to the cut end with a cotton swab.

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