Benefits of working with Andersen Design Group

What is the process to get permits? We help you through the permitting process and have experience with many of the local municipalities and inspectors. How long will it take to complete my remodel? While each of our projects is different, we can give you estimates for the construction period and work with your schedule for completion.

Am I allowed to do an addition? Many people have the desire to build on to their home, to create additional living space or to add a room for a new child. Our office has extensive experience with planning and zoning laws and can help with the design, layout and location of potential additions.

How do I know if I can remove a wall? Many families today prefer an ‘open concept’ floor plan. That usually requires taking out existing walls, especially in the older homes we have in our area. Our design process includes reviewing the structure of your home, and exactly the best way to gain usable floor area and open up rooms. We also review options to hide or incorporate structural beams or posts into the design to create a space that looks and feels appropriate.

These are all very typical questions our clients ask us. And while each project is different, we can help you answer your design, construction and remodeling questions. Our process starts by sitting down with you to better understand exactly what type of project you are interested in completing, and how Andersen Design can help achieve your goals.

Some of our clients are very knowledgeable about the design and construction process, and some have just purchased their first home and have never done a construction project. Our goal is to understand what each of our clients’ needs are and prepare a tailored program to fit those needs.

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